06 Avril 2016
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Velo elliptique fitness Pro-form E485 (Urt)

: 130.00 €
Quasiment jamais servi.
Parfait pour le cardio et l'endurance fondamentale.
Très facile à utiliser. Il fonctionne sans prise électrique et peut donc se placer partout. Affichage digital du temps, de la distance, de la vitesse, des calories consommées, ainsi que de la progression sur une piste d'athlétisme.
Petite tablette pour poser un livre et porte boisson.
ProForm 485E Elliptical Description
Jun 14, 2011 | By Marie Mulrooney
But this bare-bones machine still makes a useful, if basic, tool for cardio exercise. Use the 485E to meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendation for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, or 75 minutes of vigorous cardio, every week. Or, keep the elliptical as a rainy-day solution when you can't go out for your usual walk or run.
The ProForm 485E has all the basic design features you'd find on any elliptical trainer: Two pedals that travel a fixed, elliptical path to work your lower-body muscles; moving handlebars to work your upper body; a resistance disk mounted behind the pedals and a rudimentary electronics console. But the 485E's sharp-angled, linear construction shows that cost, not style, was the primary design priority.
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The ProForm 485E's manual-adjust resistance marks it as a budget model. You twist a small knob mounted on the console to the right for more resistance, or to the left for less resistance. This can be considered an advantage when viewed from the proper perspective. With almost no electronics and few moving parts, identifying and fixing malfunctions in this elliptical trainer is generally easier than dealing with more complicated models.
The ProForm 485E has a basic digital console, powered by two "AA" batteries. The battery power and manual resistance are convenient because the 485E doesn't plug in, you can position it anywhere. The console displays your time elapsed, a rough estimate of calories burned, current speed and total distance traveled. It also displays your progress in terms of laps around a quarter-mile track.
The 485E's other features are sparse at best. It comes with a built-in water bottle holder and a small shelf across the console to hold a book or magazine. In addition to the moving handlebars, the 485E also has a T-shaped handlebar that protrudes toward you from beneath the console. Hold onto this bar if you have difficulty keeping your balance while you pedal. Notably absent but not strictly necessary to work out: Preprogrammed workouts, an in-console cooling fan and a handgrip heart rate sensor.
General Information
You can pedal this machine both forward and backward, but be aware that the pedals will continue turning even after you stop pushing them. Wait for the pedals to stop completely before you step off. The 485E has a 250-lb. maximum user weight capacity, and unlike some other low-end elliptical trainers, it doesn't fold for storage. The 485E is backed by a limited 90-day warranty from ICON Health & Fitness, the ProForm parent company.
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