01 Août 2016
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Chausses Wakeboard Ronix Preston 40-43 Neuf (Albertville)

: 250.00 €
The only boot worthy of being named after our hometown. This new Preston boot has hollowed ankles and a perforated liner with the most combined lateral movement and heel hold down. Most of our team riders are getting so much lower foot support from its unique construction that they aren't even cinching up the top lace when riding at a cable park. Why is there a little Panda bear on the bottom of the boot? These boots are cultivated with a bamboo fabric, which makes Pandas and the environment mighty happy. The Preston boot uses our exclusive Ultralon Stage 2 foam, for the best in non heat moldable memory. A new boot that has the performance you would expect out of a high end Ronix boot without the custom orthotic price tag.
Single lasted with the most low profile and compact last
Double laces - a more customized fit
3-D Molded tongue blends comfort and performance
Articulating cuff - the boot flexes with the rider without any pressure points
Stage 2 Liner - The best memory available in non heat moldable material - our exclusive high end Ultralon New Zealand Foam
Built in J-bars improve heel hold
Eco Innovation - no use of PVC solvents
Low friction eyelets
Baseless Hardware - The original low profile design delivers superior board control on an ultra-lightweight foundation - often imitated, never duplicated
Tool Less Mounting Hardware - So simple a Neanderthal can use it, no screwdriver required
Bamboo Fabric- Pandas will be so jealous of our latest eco friendly concoction
Endorsed by Marc Rossiter and Erik Ruck
New in box
8-9 us
+ Free DVD Snow et Ski "Up In Snow" By Salomon and "Ride The Planet" d'une valeur de 30 euros + stickers...
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Publiée le : 12 Juin 2016
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